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Locking Device PLK series

  • Certification ISO9000-2015
  • Place of Origin China
  • Model Number PLK
  • Payment & Shipping Terms by air/by land/by sea
  • Minimum Order Quantity 50 pcs
  • Packaging Details cartons, wooden cases, according to customer and transportation requirements Delivery Time: negotiable, according to customer requirement
  • Payment Terms T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability 10000 pcs/month

Locking device refers to the expansion and tightening coupling sleeve, it is a kind of advanced basic component widely used in heavy load mechanical connection in the world. In the connection between wheel and shaft, it is a non-bonding device for load transmission through the pressure and friction produced between the inclusion surface by tightening the high-strength bolts, it is suitable for high load applications.

It has the following advantages: high accuracy to center; Convenient in installation/adjustment/disassembly; High strength, stable and reliable connection; It can protect the equipment from damage when overloading, especially for transferring heavy load. 

It widely used in wind power generation, heavy machinery, light industrial machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, CNC machine tools, automation equipment and other fields.

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